Following the wedding, all your photos will be edited and enhanced.


I shoot in a format called RAW which means all of the settings like colour warmth, contrast, sharpening and noise reduction are available for me to adjust in detail in post-production. A camera set to save directly to JPEG already makes all those decisions for me, therefore it makes adusting and getting the best from your photos more limiting. RAW allows me to create the image I want to create.

Level 1 Processing

As no settings are applied to RAW files, they may look slightly lacking in excitement first off. But who wants bland wedding photos? I use that RAW image as a starting point to restore the colours, add or remove warmth, increase shadow details, decrease highlight areas, crop if needed, etc and create an image more true to what was seen at the time of taking it. An image to POP and envoke an positive emotion. All my images go through this Level 1 Processing. Work has gone into the image, but it should look absolutely natural.

Level 2 Processing

From then I can go a step further and be more creative, depending on the feeling, atmosphere and weather on the particular day. Some people may not want this second Level 2 Processing, but I have found it has become increasingly popular. For example, I can create a retro/vintage look or I can create a hazy-summer look. These are not just Instagram filters, but tailor-made photoshop actions. If you like these, please feel free to talk about them with me, before the wedding. I also select a few images that best work in black and white.

I do not photoshop like a fashion magazine's digital-artist would. I do not change the shape of people or things as extreme as that. Some clients have asked me to remove blemishes or iron out a wrinkle that they dislike and this low-level editing is fine if you let me know.

Here are some examples

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